Everything you need to run a great design firm

Fuigo works as hard for you as you do for your clients. Join our growing community of design professionals for access to powerful business tools, unrivaled product pricing, and the most comprehensive library of design materials available.



Connect, learn, and grow with members of the design community

Whether it’s advice on your fee structure or tips about the best vendors, being surrounded by a supportive community of your peers is empowering. Fuigo offers professional development opportunities such as marketing bootcamps and roundtables hosted by industry experts, so you can apply new best practices to your business.

Fuigo also organizes group trips around the world to inspire designers with one-of-a-kind experiences. Join dozens of your peers on guided tours of Venice, Paris, St. Petersburg, Charleston, or wherever beautiful design can be found.



Stay on top of the latest products in one convenient location

Gone are the days of rushing around town from showroom to
showroom—the Resource Library at Fuigo Studio contains the largest selection of products in one convenient location, with over 20,000 samples from over 1,000 vendors. Daily vendor presentations keep you at the cutting edge of the latest product collections and newest artisan resources.

Our library is staffed with full-time Resource Oracles to help you track down everything you need to make an incredible presentation. Just tell us your vision, and we’ll connect you to the resources that will bring your designs to life.



Amaze your clients with exclusive access to Fuigo-negotiated pricing

A typical designer can only offer clients the materials found in design centers, at top-dollar prices to boot. Fuigo negotiates with the world's top resources on behalf of the community, so you get higher quality products for the same budget.

Fuigo members enjoy access to a vast selection of otherwise unavailable fabrics, rugs, and wallpaper at unrivaled pricing. Being part of our group makes it possible to exceed your client's expectations of luxury and quality.



Work more efficiently with the industry's best project management software

Project management software doesn’t have to be stuck in the past. Fuigo’s modern, intuitive interface looks, feels, and works like the apps you use and love every day, so you can spend less time fighting technology and more time designing and working with your clients.

We offer friendly one-on-one support to seamlessly transition you from your existing software, whether coming from Design Manager, Studio Webware, or any other system.

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Business Concierge

Spend more time on design and less time on administration

Growing businesses need growing business support—and Fuigo can help there, too. As an optional service, the Fuigo Business Concierge can handle your bookkeeping, purchasing, HR, and daily business needs. Our expertly trained staff means designers don’t have to worry about finding, vetting and training their own.

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Feel at home at our fully-staffed Park Avenue coworking space

Be in the middle of it all by making your home here at Fuigo. Our full-floor, 18,000 square-foot Flatiron studio has beautifully appointed workspaces and all the tools and amenities you need to masterfully run your business.

Read more about our studio in Architectural Digest.

We Love the Future of Design

Our team has a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry, founding successful interior design firms and running the venerable textile company Fortuny. We created Fuigo to bring a new toolkit to the design industry, so designers can run their businesses more profitably and experience a higher quality of life.

Everything at Fuigo has been developed with the input of top designers from around the country. Fuigo's platform feels intuitive because it was created not just for designers, but alongside designers.

Fuigo powers some of the best design firms in the country and we look forward to adding your voice to the community.

Fuigo, specially created for interior designers, not only eases their workload but also serves as a hotbed for creative interaction.

Elle Decor

May 2017

Fuigo is the best thing that could have happened to our design firm. It has given us incredible resources, strong business plans, and most importantly, the support of experienced Fuigo team members.

Samantha Goldman

Handin Browne

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