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Powerful and intuitive project management software 

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Fuigo’s modern, intuitive interface looks, feels, and works like the apps you use and love every day, so you can spend less time fighting technology and more time designing and working with your clients.


Project and Financial Summaries

Easily share budgets and financials with your clients without any additional work. Automatically generated summaries demonstrate how each project is progressing, building confidence and trust between you and your clients.

Document Generation

Proposals and invoices have never been easier to create. Fuigo’s simple one-click document generation quickly creates beautiful and professional documentation that your client will understand. Each document showcases items with images and supports adjustable levels of details.


Item Tracking and Scheduling

Fuigo’s item tracking keeps you organized by collecting follow-up dates, tracking notes, and points of contact in one central location. The tracking section of each project includes customizable statuses and an integrated calendar system so you’re always on top of your schedules.

Product Clipper

Quickly grab images and specifications from any website and effortlessly convert them to presentation sheets with the F’it button, Fuigo’s product clipper tool. It’s as simple as using the Pinterest button.



The Fuigo app is a web-based application, meaning that it’s accessible from anywhere just by logging in online. Your information is always secure and is backed up hourly.


Accounting Integration

Our robust purchasing and billing functionality is backed up by the award-winning accounting software, Xero. Using Fuigo with Xero, you can speed up your accounting practices with automatic reconciliation, generate hundreds of financial reports, and view the state of your business from any device at any time.