Simple and intuitive project management software


Fuigo's custom-built software takes the pain out of managing your business

Technology for the 21st century

Fuigo's modern web interface looks, feels, and works like the apps you use and love every day. It's cloud-based, so there's no on-site installations or complicated server management required.

All the tools to keep you on track

Fuigo's item tracking keeps you up-to-date with what needs to be followed up on and who needs to be contacted. And with one-click document creation, you can seamlessly output any portion of the
project—from a tear sheet to complete budget—directly from your
Fuigo dashboard.

Manage projects like you design them

Build projects intuitively with a user-friendly system that organizes project elements the same way you envision your site. Project management is beautiful when it's aligned with your creative process.

Inspiration & organization

Build your own searchable gallery of materials or products, whether they're being used in a project or not. With the built-in "F it" button you can instantly pull items into your gallery from anywhere on the web, just like you would on Pinterest.

Supported by expert humans

Fuigo can even take much of the administrative and bookkeeping work off of your hands with our reliable and friendly Business Concierge service. For help with strategy, HR, bookkeeping, and everything in between, ask for details.

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