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About us


For over 25 years, brothers Mickey and Maury Riad have worked in the world of interior design. Stewards of the Fortuny legacy, they took over operations of the Venetian textile company from their father in the early 1990s. Together, they brought the 100-year-old firm online and into modernity, expanding design, sales and distribution. Mickey directed design and creative, while Maury oversaw the business and its operations. Against all odds, they grew and reshaped the business while keeping Fortuny’s soul intact, preserving the original printing process that Mariano Fortuny developed in the early 1900s.

Working closely with interior designers, the brothers have seen design go through seismic shifts. Technology has cracked open the once-insular world, bringing design to more people but also making it more homogeneous. Together, they see an opportunity to usher in an era of creative design that adapts to the digital age without losing its independence. Just as they once did with Fortuny, through Fuigo, Mickey and Maury are bringing design into the future while protecting its past.


With co-founder Bradley Stephens of Stephens Design Group, they created a flagship space that expresses their shared vision for the future of interior design. The full-floor, 18,000 square-foot Flatiron studio inspires with beautifully appointed workspaces and all the amenities and resources designers need to grow a successful business.

A Japanese word, fuigo are the bellows used to fan flames for traditional sword making. Without the bellows, the oven wouldn’t get hot enough to forge a sword. Fuigo is the power behind the process, the energy that keeps the fire going. For a design firm, Fuigo means community, workspace, an unmatched resource library, software, access to top-tier product vendors and sourcing, business support and bookkeeping—it’s everything you need to design your firm’s future.


Our Values 

As a company and community we...

Choose learning and innovation over fear and stagnation.

Iterate boldly after failure.

Amaze our clients with our craftsmanship.

Extend kindness to each other, to our customers, and to our larger community.

Communicate clearly and with empathy.



Our Mission

Empower designers to bring inspiring spaces to the world.