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  • IMG_0057-1.png

    Venice trip 2016 | Private garden at Toto Bergamo Rossi’s home. He is the director of Venetian Heritage and was our impromptu guide on Sunday to the villas and cemetery on the mainland outside of Venice.

  • roundtable2.png

    Discussion on interior design contracts with Alan Siegel LLP

  • IMG_0018-1.png

    Venice trip 2016 | Villa Pisani, looking from the main residence to the horse stables in the distance.

  • market-pres.png

    Fuigo market presentation at Fuigo Studio

  • IMG_0047-1.png

    Venice trip 2016 | Brion Cemetery designed by Carlo Scarpa. Three Fuigo members in this shot: Rodman Primack, Darren Henault and Bradley Stephens.

  • IMG_8512.png

    St. Petersburg trip 2016 | Fuigo crew in front of the entrance to Catherine the Great Palace.

  • charleston.png

    Charleston trip 2016 | Fuigo's members visit the Urban Electric factory.

Whether you're getting advice on your fee structure, sharing tips about the best vendors, or taking inspiring trips around the world, being supported by a community of your peers is empowering.


Fuigo organizes group trips around the world to inspire designers with one-of-a-kind experiences. Join dozens of your peers on guided tours of Venice, Paris, St. Petersburg, Charleston, or wherever beautiful design can be found.

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Events & round tables

Fuigo offers professional development opportunities such as marketing bootcamps and roundtables hosted by industry experts, so you can learn new best practices to apply to your business.


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Whether you’re looking for an affordable renderer, a trustworthy warehouse, or even just a good deal on masonry, the Fuigo community is there to help. Ask any question to our entire membership base at any time.