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Alan M. Siegel

Alan M. Siegel
Alan M. Siegel is a partner in the law firm of Levy Sonet & Siegel, LLP, 630 Third Avenue, New York, New York, 10017 and serves as national legal counsel to the American Society of Interior Designers, Inc. He is the co-author of A Guide to Business Principles and Practices for Interior Designers, published by Whitney Library of Design. He represents the legal and business interests of interior designers, architects, design trade sources and owners, concentrating in the areas of contract law, commercial law, construction law, corporate law, licensing, intellectual property rights and general business law.


Email: amslss@verizon.net

Recent Posts

Fixed-Fee Design Projects: Charging Fairly and Profitably

I think it’s fair to say that among the various ways designers charge clients, the fixed-fee (or “flat fee”) basis (at least as residential designers are concerned) is not as popular as others—e.g., presented price, cost-plus, etc. That’s unfortunate, particularly today, when projects are fewer in number, budgets are down, and prospective clients are more reluctant to start a project without having a real understanding of ultimate costs. Interestingly, over the past 12 to 15 months in my practice counseling designers, I notice more and more are being asked by their prospective clients to work on a fixed-fee basis.

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