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Maury Riad

Maury Riad


Email: maury@fuigo.com

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Three Ways Interior Designers can Thrive in Today's Challenging Business Environment

Reflecting on this incredible year, it is clear the interior design industry is in the midst of massive transformation.

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Don't Let Big Corporations Sell Directly to Your Clients

Like it or not, the interior design profession is under attack and changing right before our eyes. The art of interior design, the to-the-trade business model, the way you earn money, and how you get jobs are all in jeopardy. If you are as passionate about interior design as we are, you should be asking yourself what can be done to help protect both the industry and your business.

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Video Recap: How the New Tax Law Affects Interior Designers

Our CEO Maury Riad sat down with Lawrence Kweit of Kweit, Mantell & DeLucia, LLP to discuss how the new tax law affects interior designers and interior design businesses.

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Hourly, Markup, or Flat: What is the Best Fee Structure for Interior Design Projects?

Maury brings over 20 years of experience of working with interior designers and bookkeepers. He brings his passion and respect for the arts to Fuigo, where he wants professional interior designers to have the tools and community to help them build successful and impactful businesses.

When choosing a fee structure for your design firm, you should factor in both short-term revenue, which relies on a profit-maximizing fee structure, and long-term growth, which depends on happy clients and referrals. The three most important questions to answer when considering your fee structure are:

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