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Designer Profiles

Fatima Ahmed is Keeping the Art of Handmade Textiles Alive


That is, at least, her goal.

As a Fuigo Resource Oracle, Fatima devotes her day to highlighting not only large textile houses, but also independent artisans who exist all over the world.

"I love working with makers and supporting them as much as I can," Fatima says. "I feel fulfilled when I can help a designer discover new artisans. It's so important to keeps these arts alive. We need special, unique items that future generations can appreciate and be inspired by."

“By shining a light on these artisans and mills, we help maintain a beautiful world.”

For Fatima, this devotion to craftsmanship started long before she joined Fuigo’s team of expert Resource Oracles. After working with luxury fashion brands for years, she enrolled in the Fashion and Textile Studies Master’s program at FIT. There she learned the history of costume and textile design and the science of conserving existing documents for major museums and private collections. After graduation she joined Peter Marino’s team as a textile specialist sourcing for unique and exclusive projects. Mr. Marino is an avid textile collector with items going back to the 15th century.

"While I was with Peter Marino, I learned a lot about contemporary textiles and was introduced to global artisans dedicated to sustaining the tradition of hand weaving," says Fatima. "After I left, I was motivated to start my own small handwoven textile and pillow collection. While my own designs tend to be a little whacky, my personal favorites are always very traditional brands that are rooted in history like Le Manach.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 12.03.20 PM.png

Fabrics are so personal. It’s how we express ourselves in the way we dress and adorn our homes. They are a part of our own personal and wider heritage."

Just like the textiles that she pours over, each day in Fatima's life at Fuigo is unique. "I love helping our designers source custom and unique products," she says. "My morning is spent working with the best mills to get luxury products that only Fuigo designers have access to. I work with mills in Italy, Scotland, Belgium, India, Pakistan, and Nepal; it's hard to keep track of all of the time zones. I also just finished designing a line of rugs for our members under the label 'Oracle Collective' and am looking forward to seeing the finished samples."

Each day Fatima takes a break from calls and emails with international design partners to spend time with vendors who arrive to present new collections.

"I love supporting our vendors and introducing their work to as many designers as I can. We are always learning and discovering here—It's a library after all! My favorite part of the day is helping designers source products, whether it’s from a time-honored classic like Clarence House or a remote weaver in Africa. Some of my favorite artisans include Aissa Dione, Toyine Sellers and Pietro Seminelli."


On par with Fatima’s passion for textiles is her commitment to Fuigo’s members.

"It's a fun atmosphere with high energy. There’s a lot of brainstorming and figuring out cool ways to bring amazing products and services to our designers."


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