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Surround yourself with like-minded designers at our fully-staffed Park Avenue coworking space

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 Be in the middle of it all by making your home here at Fuigo. Our full-floor, 18,000 square-foot Flatiron studio has beautifully appointed workspaces and all the tools and amenities you need to masterfully run your business. And with over 20 firms currently residing at Fuigo, you'll always be able to learn from and collaborate with others.
Read more about our studio in Architectural Digest.



Design when you want, how you want with access to Fuigo’s full-service Flatiron studio. Fuigo members enjoy options ranging from common workspaces to semi-private four-person suites.

Conference Rooms

Each conference room is thoughtfully designed for group collaboration and client presentations, with included office supplies, ample seating, and A/V equipment. The conference rooms are reserved for Design Studio members only. We also provide private, soundproof calling rooms with adjustable tables for impromptu meetings or phone calls.



Our front desk staff covers all reception duties, such as greeting your guests and receiving mail and packages on your behalf during regular business hours.

Resource Library

Have the best materials at your fingertips. Our Resource Library offers exclusive access to talented artisans who are not represented anywhere else in the United States. With over 20,000 samples from 1,000 vendors, we can help your firm pull together impressive client presentations without ever leaving the studio.

Resource Oracles

Our Resource Oracles are industry experts who can help source any material or product needed for a project, whether it's from within Fuigo's Resource Library or global manufacturers. They are available to assist every step of the procurement process, from requesting samples to placing orders.


Vendor Presentations

Daily vendor presentations keep you at the cutting edge of the latest product collections and newest artisan resources. Stop by the library to meet new vendors or to learn what’s new from vendors you’ve used for years.

“For the work spaces, I wanted independent firms to have room to establish themselves—a sense of breathing room and visual privacy all within an open working environment.”

Bradley Stephens | Fuigo Co-Founder, Stephens Design Group

Flex Residency


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Full Residency

Starting at $1,500/mo

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– All Design Studio memberships include use of the Fuigo project management software –